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The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm Commits to Being Green

Published on August 17th, 2021 by The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm

Find Out about Our Dedication to the Environment

A recent UN investigation on climate change paints a grim picture of our world’s future if we do not reduce our carbon footprint. In an effort to do our part we’ve made eco-friendly changes over the years to improve the environment and our community. Using innovative technology and dedicated client-oriented team members to help along the way, we’ve become 90% paperless and are committed to being a 99% paper-free company by 2025.

What does being 90% paperless look like? Keep reading to find out!


We send virtual contracts and retainers using a high-security platform that allows our clients to review and sign documents virtually. The software is easy to use and if a client has any difficulties, an Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm team member is available to help. This prevents using thousands if not millions of pieces of paper unnecessarily.

Virtual Communication

We still believe in the old-fashioned value of face-to-face conversations, but are also aware of cars’ harmful carbon dioxide emissions. This is why we’ve invested in software to communicate virtually via videos, conference calls, and text messages. We want to be available to our clients at all times, and virtual communication allows this. We’ve even purchased equipment such as lighting and microphones to make the experience more enjoyable for our clients. Cutting our contribution to greenhouse gases, and again limiting our use of paper, is just part of our commitment to being more green friendly.


A well-organized firm is a successful firm. Instead of using files packed thickly with medical records, statements, negotiation history, and more, The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm uses innovative tech to keep track of every detail on our clients’ cases. Not only does it allow us to be more organized, but these digital files are protected with high security measures, and because we are a predominantly digital company, the companies we work with also leave a shorter paper trail.

The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm Green Commitment

As injury attorneys, part of the Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm’s mission is to give voice to victims fighting insurance companies. We deeply believe in doing what’s right and taking ownership in our actions. We are committed to better environmental safety practices because we believe it’s better for the people in our community and better for the world. To us, it’s an extension of doing what’s right for our clients.

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