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Oliver Shindler

Oliver Shindler is a personal injury attorney who is passionate about representing clients who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of others.

At Dworkin and Macierrielo Oliver is passionate about fighting for his clients and obtaining the largest settlements and verdicts possible. Throughout Oliver’s life he is passionate about winning.

Before joining Dworkin and Maciarello, Oliver worked at one of the largest plaintiff personal injury firms in Chicago. While there, Oliver assisted in a variety of multi-million-dollar cases which involved reviewing medical records and bills, as well as taking depositions of doctors and expert witnesses. Through this experience, Oliver learned the tricks of the trade and how to go to bat for his clients.

Oliver graduated cum laude 11/263 students from the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law. During his time there, Oliver won numerous moot court awards for his legal writing, and discovered his passion for defending the injured who cannot defend themselves.

Competing and being #1 is in Oliver’s DNA. In College he won the NCAA Fencing Championships. He was also a member of the US National team. Oliver is passionate about everything he does, he simply wants to win, his competitive spirit is why he gets some of the largest settlements at the firm.

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