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The Fatal Four: Top 4 Construction Accident Injuries That You Need to Know Now!

Published on April 9th, 2021 by The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm

Construction Accident Attorneys at The Illinois Hammer

With warmer weather, you might find that the streets of Illinois are restored to their regular hustle and bustle. More drivers are on the road, pedestrians are out and about, and construction work will be back in full swing as workers return to the job in more temperate climates. But, with more construction workers on the job, the likelihood of a construction worker sustaining a serious injury is also on the rise.

Did you know that construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs in America? According to the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in 2019 alone, more than 100 deaths occurred per week from construction accidents, resulting in 5,333 total deaths.

Being a victim of a construction injury can be terrifying and challenging. Our construction accident attorneys have over 25 years of experience with construction accident cases. Our firm understands the challenges a victim may be facing. A construction accident attorney at The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm is here to help you take the best steps and help you recover both physically and financially.

What are The Fatal Four?  

Every job comes with risks. With heavy machinery, electrical equipment, tools, and specialized devices at a construction site, construction workers are more prone to serious injuries than most. The nature of the work exposes construction workers to many dangerous scenarios which can cause serious injuries.

Approximately one in five construction worker deaths per year in the private industry are a result of construction accidents. Total, an astounding 60% of these deaths can be attributed to what OSHA calls the “fatal four.” There are four main accidents that occur on a construction site that lead to serious injury. Our construction accident attorneys at The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm want you to be aware of the “fatal four” injuries.

1. Falls

Construction workers falling from a raised or elevated surface accounts for approximately 36.5% of construction injuries. Falls can occur as a result of a worker slipping off of a ladder, roof, scaffolding, or other raised surfaces. Generally, they occur due to improper use of safety techniques such as securing equipment.

2. Being Struck by an Object

OSHA has reported that about 10% of construction accidents occur due to falling, swinging, or misplaced objects. Objects may become loose due to equipment malfunctions or unsecured materials.

3. Electrocution

Approximately 8.6% of construction accidents are a result of electrocution from exposed wires, wet connections on wires, and poorly maintained extension cords. Construction workers should be aware of the danger that an exposed wire laying in a standing puddle can pose.

4. Caught in or Between

2.5% of construction injuries occur as a result of a worker being caught in or between objects on the construction site. Workers may get caught between machines or rotating equipment, or collapsing structures. This could mean extreme injuries that require extensive medical care, and, in some cases, death.

I’ve Suffered a Construction Accident Injury…. What’s Next? 

Safety is a top priority for a construction company. Unfortunately, even if an employer at a construction site takes all of the steps to ensure safety, accidents can still occur. If you have sustained an injury from one of the “fatal four,” or from another construction work-related accident while on the job at a construction site, you may be entitled to receive compensation.

With the help of a construction accident attorney at The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm, our attorneys can help you decide what steps to take after a construction accident. Our construction accident attorneys will help gather evidence to give strength to your claim, help you seek medical care, and more. They want to hammer the insurance company for you so that you can focus on your recovery.

Big Hammer, Big Results! Call The Hammer!

If you have been a victim of a construction accident injury in Illinois, don’t hesitate to call The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm. Our attorneys, with over 25 years of experience, want to hammer the insurance company and get you the justice you deserve.

All construction accident injury cases have a statute of limitations. In other words, there is a limited amount of time to pursue your case. Don’t let time run out. The legal clock is ticking. Call The Illinois Hammer Injury Law Firm for a free case consultation today!

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