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Daniel Haygood

Daniel is a worker’s compensation attorney representing employees who are injured in the line of duty. A former Respondent’s attorney, Daniel has always felt his talents would be best utilized to help individuals get the most that they are entitled to instead of helping insurance companies minimize what injured workers receive, so he joined the Illinois Hammer to switch sides. Daniel knows all the tricks that insurance companies and their lawyers will use to try to get out of paying employees what they are owed. He says, “When times are tough, I want to be the person people call. My heart is lifted every time I go to battle for a client who is getting jerked around by their employer and insurance company.”

Daniel comes from a hard-working family that has run several successful small businesses in a tiny town in Northern California. He values the connections he makes with people who are in difficult circumstances. He says, “I want to bring my small-town mentality to the big world of workers’ compensation and develop meaningful relationships with every client.”

Daniel has a background in theater and acting which has significantly enhanced his ability to advocate for his clients before judges. He excelled in the trial courses he took at Chicago-Kent and enjoys litigating. When he is not being a lawyer, Daniel can be found seeing shows around Chicago and enjoying adventures with his two dogs, Whiskey and Bandit.

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